Friday, 11 January 2013

Waiting for theatre

I didn't sleep as well last night as I have been doing I kept waking up because of my stupid pumps alarming!!! I'm currently on the waiting list for theatre so I'm not quiet sure when I'm going down. While I'm asleep they are going to take some samples from my chest to see why I'm coughing so much and why I'm not getting any better. I've only had a couple of crafty naps today when nobody is looking. I will keep you all updated when I've come out of theatre


  1. Hi Harvey, be brave my boy you are going to get through this. Once you've got your line back in you should start to feel better. I will be thinking about you all of the time. We are very proud of you and love you with all our hearts. You've got a huge fan club now. One Direction should start to worry cos your getting very popular now. Love you Harvey.x Nannie.xxxxxxxxx

  2. Stay strong little man, we are all thinking of you all the time. Jake will be coming to see you very soon so he needs his playmate to be 100%.

    Keep giving Mummy lots of cuddles, they are magic and help Mummy to look after you.

    All our love brave soldier
    Ali, Lee and Jake xxx

  3. All of Ellie's class hope Harvey gets better soon. xx

  4. Hi Harvey Auntie Pam here, hope you are feeling better soon and getting lots of kisses and cuddles from your nurses. Love to you and mummy, stay strong, lots of love and kisses xxxx

  5. Hi Harvey,we live near your house in Furness,keep fighting Brenda n Phil xxx