Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Struggling To Keep My Eyes Open

Extremely sleepy this morning, I've woken a few times but went back to sleep again not long after. Been woken up again to have my bloods done so thought I'd drop a quick line. 
Last night I had to have my blood sugars checked every 2 hours to make sure they are stable with my TPN. They went a bit high in the night but are ok again now. It's been a bit of a struggle so far with having my medicines because I only have 1 line for access. Doctor has just been and said that now my line is out they are hopeful that my bloods will return to normal and then get my new line tomorrow. Antibiotics will carry on for another 24 hours before stopping, lets just hope that the nasty bug has gone otherwise once the antibiotics finish it will be straight back. Feeling uncomfortable and tender, we're discussing some pain relief with the pharmacist so I'll be ok soon. 


  1. Big big hugs Harvey - I'm so proud of you
    Taylor says - I love you Harvey get well soon xxx

  2. Hi Harvey. Your doimg brilliantly my beautiful boy. your fighting a really nasty bug this time sweetheart so it is bound to take all your energy.If you need to sleep then you must sleep. Im sooooo proud of you i just wish i was as strong as you. Loads of love to you and mummy. Nannie.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Your strength is an inspiration to us all Harvey xxx Take care sweetie xxx

  4. hope your feeling better tonight, lots of love your a very brave boy xx yvonne bailey