Saturday, 5 January 2013

Broken Line..

After mummy discovering a hole in my line earlier today, she later then found a hole in the other lumen of my line. A doctor tried 3 attempts of a canula today, she got one in, we set my paracetamol off and I decided to pull it out!
Tea time my temperature went up as well as my heart rate, breathing and blood pressure dropped. I haven't managed to have any of my antibiotics because I've had no access. Doctors are deciding whether removing my line would be for the best rather than to repair it as the infection I have is bad and resistant to many antibiotics. This infection is very serious. If my line comes out then for a few days I'll have a few canula's for access but won't be able to have my TPN which is another problem in itself. After just 5 minutes off TPN my blood sugars plummet which is dangerous, surgeons and medics are talking amongst one another to decide what percentage of glucose I will need via drip to maintain my hydration and blood sugars whilst I get well enough to go back to theatre for a new line. Its all still up in the air, just waiting on a final decision. If it goes ahead I'll be down in theatre in a few hours time..

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