Saturday, 5 January 2013

Agitated and Distressed..

My morning started off with 3 of my lovely ladies coming in giving me morning kisses and cuddles before they finished their shift.. Since then I've been very agitated and getting spasms of pain. I can't seem to get comfortable, sitting up laying down tossing and turning. Keep getting tangled in all my wires, can't tell you how many times my mummy has had to un ravel them! Mummy was just about to give me my 12 o'clock medicines when she got squirted with water.. I've got a hole in my line! How? Who knows! Just waiting for these surgeons to come take a look and see what to do.
My breathing is quite fast today, my heart rate keeps going up too. Started retching last night, through the night and this morning. Seems to have settled a bit now. Had my bloods taken this morning, they want to monitor the levels daily until they improve and stay that way. Doctors came, didn't say a lot really, just to continue as we are. It wasn't my usual team of doctors so they never really know what to say or do with me being complicated. What can I say, I like to keep them guessing...

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  1. I am following your story harvey and i just want to send you all the love in the world you brave brave little boy. Xxxxxx