Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blood Results..

Despite my line coming out yesterday the doctors haven't seen the results they wanted from my bloods today. In the past when a patient has had a line infection and needed it removing because the antibiotics weren't clearing the infection completely, removing the line improved the bloods instantly. With me, this isn't what they are seeing which has confused them. My haemoglobin levels have dropped a lot today too so I'm being cross matched for a blood transfusion tomorrow. I've spiked another temperature today and my heart rate and breathing rate have increases too (due to temperature). This will change plans for theatre tomorrow if things don't improve. I've got to have more bloods taken soon to see what's going on because it seems the infection isn't quite clearing. A bug has come back again that's in my bloodstream so I'm changing to another antibiotic as of tomorrow. They know something isn't quite right because I've slept all afternoon and now spiked a temperature again. Doctor is here for blood so I get to have Becky in my bed :)


  1. Harvey you little flirt - anything to get a girls to give you a cuddle
    Only our Harv could have something so rare that doctors ain't a clue what to do with ya
    Now listen to me - take ya blood (you can have mine if u really want) and get that bloody back to normal - well normal for you...!!!
    Big hugs Harv your being so brave
    Me Ellie n a sleeping Taylor love you millions n will see you real soon

  2. Oh Harvey you are such a little monkey...even when you're poorly you are always smiling and joking - especially with the nurses ;-) You are a true inspiration to us all.....get well soon little man x x x x

  3. Come on Harvey, get rid of this horrible bug n start getting back to ur normal cheeky monkey self! X

  4. Hey Harvey, this one is a really nasty bug, i think you are going to have to fight that little bit harder but i know you can do it. Youve got alot of fight in you and alot of people who love you to get you through this. If youve still got the strength to flirt then you can find the strength to fight this bug. Stop messing and show this nasty bug who is the boss. Love you loads. Nannie.xxxx