Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday is never the day of rest for me!!

I didn't sleep too well last night I woke up a few times because the room was boiling!! I've not really done a great deal today I've just been having cuddles with daddy Leigh and he gave me a bath as well. I enjoyed having a nice soak in my bubble bath and after I had to have my dressing changed on my broviac line. I wasn't very happy about it tho and it took three of them to hold me down and do it! Here's a picture of me chilling out in the bath after a long morning of sitting on daddy Leigh, pinching nurses badges and turning the telly over

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  1. Hi my beautiful boy. You really do look chilled out. Hope you had a lovely day with Leigh and bullied him like you do to auntie Dee Dee. Me and your sisters have tried to give your mummy and nice day we went shopping and also went to costa coffee. I think she had a nice time. Your mummy never stops thinking about you when shes not with you. Shes sooooo proud of you. Mummy gave grandad a haircut today, it was really funny cos while mummy was cutting his hair me and Ellie was hoovering grandads head and shoulders to get rid off the loose hair. Ellie couldnt stop laughing. Me and your sisters are coming to see you on saturday so you had better behave and not get any more infections. Well harvey im going to bed now cos im really tired. Not sleeping very much at the moment. Love you loads Harvey.