Thursday, 10 January 2013


Hi Harvey's auntie here, just  a quick update with Harvey..
Today he's really poorly, still undergoing investigation to figure out what's going on... Update on Harv will follow later today once Harvey's mummy has spoke to doctors/surgeons/consultants...

Just keep praying for him, both Harvey and Lian are strong but need your support guys xxxxx


  1. hi harvey i just had a look at your blog at school going to show the whole class your blog later love ellie. xxxx

  2. Keep strong Harvey we are all thinking if you x
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Come on Harvey you can beat this one just like all the others, stay strong. I want to see more photos of you giving those DR & nurse a rum for their money (so too speak) you little flirt.
    Helen Xx <3

  4. He's a fighter and always gets through whatever is thrown his way...
    But think he needs a little help now, with everyone's support and encouragement, I'm sure he WILL get through this, he's got a fantastic mummy by his side and family and friends that are all showing emmence support x
    COME ON HARVEY -YOU CAN DO THIS.....!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE LOADS Harvey. Please be strong Lian you are doing brilliantly. Sorry im not there to support you both right now. Love mum/nannie.x

  6. Come on Harvey kick this bugs ass! sending big hugs to u, ur mum n all ur family. x

  7. Come on everybody out there Harvey and Lian need loads of support right now, its getting really tough now so let them both know you are thinking of them and help our Harvey through this tough fight. A very scared mum/nannie.xxxxxx