Thursday, 24 January 2013

More Tests And More Waiting Continued . .

So the Gastro reg has just come to talk to us. He's emailed my neurological consultant to ask him if with my neutrophils being low if it could indicate any kind of diagnosis neurologically wise. He's also spoke to the haematology team about starting on a medication to help prevent infections and get kick start my bone marrow to produce more cells to fight infection, they don't want to start him on it yet without possibly doing a lumber puncher. We are waiting for a phone call back to give us their decision. My Gastro consultant David is also keen to do some scopes and just have a look and make sure there's nothing new going on inside that could be causing problems. He doesn't want to take me to theatre just for that though so if its decided I need a lumber puncher too then I'll be going on Thursday to theatre for scopes, impedance probe passed, and a lumber puncher. If they decide not to do a lumber puncher then I will just have a very mild anaesthetic to knock me out whilst the pass the probe as its thicker than a NG tube that I used to have. My bloods from today have shown a drop in my haemoglobin again and a drop in my neutrophils. We was hoping that these problems were because of me being so poorly with a rare infection but as my numbers aren't improving they want to look into it to make sure there's nothing wrong with my bone marrow with it not producing enough cells to fight infections. I'm still at high risk of catching infections off people so will remain in my little room until its safe for me to come out.


  1. bless you harvey..keep strong little man..and lets see you perking up xx

  2. O my poor little darlin. Is there any part of your body they arent going to prod.These doctors and definately going to know you inside and out.We all just want you better. You are being so brave and showing so much strength after everything youve been through up to now. We are all soooooo very proud of you and your mummy. We are all with you both and will be fighting this battle with you. Never ever feel your on your own cos you will NEVER EVER be.This I promise you. Loads of Love Hugs and Kisses. Nannie Grandad Dee Dee and your beautiful sisters- Ellie and Taylor Mae. We WILL get you both through this Lian.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. They say life is what you make of it. Harvey you are only 6 years old and you have spent the biggest part of them years in hospital. You have come so close to losing your life 3 times but you put up a bloody good fight and came through it. You are absolutely amazing Harvey. Life have been so cruel to you but you have shown us all that life is worth living. You bring so much joy to your loving family, and everyone that meets you cant help but fall in love with you cos you are just so happy all the time. Youve got an amazing smile and when you giggle its just so infectious everyone just giggles with you. I love you so much Harvey. x