Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bleeding Again . .

Started bleeding again today from my stomach. Doctor wanted to stop my diclofenac because that can cause bleeding although I started bleeding before I had that medicine. It's just another thing we have no answers for. I've been sleepier today, I've had moments of play but then got tired and had to lie down. I've needed oxygen all day because my breathing hasn't been too good. When mummy tried to turn it off this morning, my breathing went faster so went back on it.
My weight is up today which effects my breathing because its fluid that i put on and it pools in my tummy which then restricts my breathing. It's gastro and respiratory ward rounds tomorrow so maybe we'll know a bit more then and a plan.
My sisters and auntie face timed me earlier. Was nice to see them although the only view they got of me was the top of my head. I kept going close up to the screen. Taylor-Mae started crying, she said she wants me home now and wants to see me. I miss them all too. Ellie told me I have to start behaving and then I can go home to them. Hopefully after a good sleep I'll have a bit of a better day tomorrow. Sorry it's a short update but I'm falling to sleep. Night all x


  1. Oh dear Harv. Come on - let's have a positive blog tomorrow!! love Michelle. Xx

  2. aww harvey hope your feeling better tomorrow lots of love and hugs to you all xxx

  3. Keep fighting and stay strong little man xx Lots of love to mummy and family xx Anj, Dan and boys xxx

  4. Hope u r feeling better soonx Chloe sends her love to u:) She always asks about you:)

  5. X x x to you and mummy Brenda x