Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Too Exhausted.

Harvey isn't well today, fighting the infection is taking it out of him he's exhausted and is sleeping. Still no decisions as to a plan for line/or transfusion. Waiting for a consultant to review him.


  1. O my poor little soldier, this is a really tough bug your fighting off this time my boy. I know your very tired but please try and fight some more i love you so much. Its so unfair that you are going through all this. Your little sister Taylor-Mae is starting nursery this afternoon and will want to tell you all about it so give that horrible bug its marching orders and get better. The nurses have had cuddles and your cheeky smiles far too long its my turn now. I miss you so much. Loads of love and hugs Harvey. Nannie. Heres a huge kiss for mummy too. XXX Keep strong Lian. We are all so proud of you.x

  2. Hi Harvey,
    I am your big sister Ellie's teacher at school and she told me about your blog. You are being so brave and you'll be really pleased to know that Ellie is talking about you lots at school, she is very proud of you!
    Keep fighting hard little man!
    Love Mrs Portman