Monday, 21 January 2013

'Wait And See'

Another night needing oxygen! Respiratory doctors came too see me this morning and said they will wait and see I got with needing oxygen at the beginning if the week and if I do then they will do an overnight trace again. Nothing much happening with me at the minute apart from 'wait and see' what I do.
Auntie Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor surprised us earlier, they came on the train to see us. It was a nice surprise. They all went out to play in the snow and I stayed with Becky for a bit. She came to hide out in my room and do her 'writing' for a while. Mummy said she's going to try get me out soon for the day as  I've not been out for 7 weeks. There's just a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted out, oxygen is one of them. My bloods aren't too bad today, my infection marker is slightly raised and I'm a bit dehydrated but my immunity ones have come up from what they were. It's not clear yet as to whether my immunity will be a problem now or if it was because I was so poorly. Time will tell. Pain is still a problem, it's not been nice today but I'm having all the pain relief I can as regular as I can. The consultant today said that soon they may want to do some more scopes to see if there's any changes or anything they can see that could be causing the pain. He said the time isn't right at the minute though with me needing oxygen and still recovering from my mystery illness. A speech and language therapist came to see me earlier, she was trying to find out if I was aspirating on saliva or gastric losses. She said its difficult because I'm one of my own and she doesn't quite understand or know what's happening. Oops! Another one confused by me!!
I'm still angry and nasty at times from one of the medications I had to take, mummy's hoping that after a couple of days I'll be back to me. Think it's the bruised eye I gave her! Sorry mummy.

I got my Duffy teddy. Mummy got me one and so did Dee Dee and nannie. I like them. They went to Trafford centre especially for them just for me :).


  1. That would be a nice suprise from your sisters and Auntie Dee Dee. I bet they enjoyed the train ride with all the snow around. It did look lovely this morning but it is very cold now. You keep warm and hopefully soon you will get to go home. Thats something nice to dream about. Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow. Love Adele xx

  2. glad you got to see your sisters and auntie dee dee, i really like your duffy teddies x hope you have a good day tomorrow and do,nt be giving your mummy anymore black eye,s you little monkey, loads of love xx yvonne xx