Monday, 28 January 2013

They Tell Me Theatre Tomorrow . . I Say Theatre Today!! . .

Well what a morning, I woke up at 4.30 and needed to have some more sleeping medicine to help me have a few more bourse sleep. I then woke up at 7.30, mummy was sorting me out when she noticed blood on my stoma belt. We soon then realised it was coming from my line! It was leaking quite a lot. Tracey came in with some of my medicine and saw it, she said we had to strip it down and see where it's leaking, only problem is though, when we took the dressing off, the line came out from the pressure of the fluids going in. Phil and Tracy steri - stripped the wound site and dressed it whilst mummy and a doctor were trying to canulate me because my blood sugars were already dropping. After 3 attempts I was the proud owner of a canula in my right hand. I had to have another canula at half 11 in case the first one tissues so after another 3 attempts I owned a canula in my left hand too! I'll be honest with you though, I didn't mind because I've had nurse after nurse hugging and kissing me. I didn't need numbing cream or cold spray for my canula's because I'm a brave boy.
After this mornings events, I am now going to theatre today, it's not clear exactly what I'm having done because it was planned for me to go tomorrow. Due to me being on the emergency list it's difficult to get all the people from the different teams to be available to do their tests so until I come back we're not sure although the line is priority so that will definitely be happening today.
The surgeons aren't sure why my line fell out like it did, it's not been pulled or caught. The disc that was supposed to be under my skin to hold my line in place had slipped out. My line is very important to me, without a line I won't live. Mummy is very protective of my line, she was very shocked this morning and had to go sit down for a bit in the parents room. Recently it's been nothing but problems with my line, this will be my 4th line in 7 months. Broviac lines can last up to 3 years before it needs changing, not mine!!
Besides all this happening this morning, I'm not too bad. Getting restless and times and don't really want to be touched. I'm getting a bit sleepy now, I might not be up to updating my blog to let all you lovely people know how I am after theatre so if I can't I'll ask mummy to do it for me.

Me and my lovely boxing gloves


  1. oh bless you Harvey you are a little fighter keep fighting we all know you can do it xxxxx

  2. Hi my brave boy. The things you do to get the nurses around you. I will be thinking about you and mummy. I dont need to tell you to be brave because you are the bravest boy i know.Love you loads.Nannie.xxxxxx Heres a big kiss for your mummy.XXXX

  3. hope it all goes well, i will be thinking of you and your mummy xx keep up the good fight brave boy x lots of love yvonne xxxx

  4. Hi Harvey, hope things went well today. Its about time your luck changed. You are indeed a brave boy. You put us all to shame. Sleep well tonight and here's to a change of luck tomorrow. Thinking of you, love Adele xx

  5. Oh Harv!! This is so not good! Please sort it out so we can get you home.

    Love Michelle. Xx