Friday, 4 January 2013

Cubical Bound

I've been moved into a cubical today. I'm at high risk of catching more infections because my blood counts are worryingly low. This infection has taken a hold of my body and eaten away at all the cells that fight infection so now it's down to the antibiotics to take control and sort this infection out!
The consultant came last night to talk to us about what's happening and their concerns. My line is a big concern to them and if I get another temperature then it has to be removed, there's a high chance of the infection getting to the new line they put in with the infection being in my blood as as well as other places so its a catch 22 situation.. Never ending.
We've also been told that its highly likely that once I'm over all this infection it will re occur. We have tried different treatments to prevent this and I also have regular de contamination treatment to my gut but nothing is helping. My bowel is proving to be a big problem which is causing serious infections. The doctors have had meetings and liaised with doctors elsewhere but nobody can come up with anything that may help prevent my bowel from leaking.
I'm looking very pale, my blood isn't circulating properly which isn't helping my colour. I've had my bloods take again this morning to monitor my number, there wasn't any improvement yesterday so lets hope for today.

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  1. Hi Harvey, i don't know, the things you do to get your own private room. Joking aside now. Things sound quite serious now. You have put up some pretty strong fights since birth, this one sounds like its going to be a tough one. Everyone is fighting with you. You have been so strong up to now. Im sending ALL the love i have in my heart to help you fight off these nasty infections. Be strong my brave boy. Love Hugs and big kisses.xx