Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Perked up

Wasn't feeling too great today, slept a bit and the rest of the time I was just laying down with my duvet. Doctors are struggling and still don't know what this nasty infection is. Consultant came earlier, he doesn't want to make too many changes at once so they've changed 1 antibiotic and keeping the other 2 as they are. He didn't want to do a blood transfusion as of yet, he just wants to keep a close eye on my hb and see how things go. There's been no improvements in my blood results today, things have stayed the same. Maybe tomorrow after this strong antibiotic I've started on we'll see improvement. I'm not well enough to go down to theatre for a broviac so another night with this silly line that keeps alarming my pumps every time I move!! Them pumps are going out window mummy said if they don't stop.
Mummy had words with me earlier, she said I've got to keep fighting and get through this. She said I'm very brave and she's extremely proud of me. She was upset so I put my arm around her and cuddled her. It made her more upset but she smiled.
Since 5 o'clock I've been sat up more and been more interactive. Becky tickled my feet for a bit and I even got her blowing raspberries on them! She wanted me to wave when she was leaving my room but I shock my head saying no so she came and tickled me and I got a kiss :). I know how to get what I want from these ladies :). Was sat playing with my Lego for about 45 mins laying down in between but now I'm tired so time for my duvet.


  1. Xxxxxx Harvey can u come n share your huge bed.... I've got your annoying sisters in my bed n they keep tickling my feet n Ellie keeps trumping under the quilt :( she's smelly....

    Message from Taylor - I love you you Harv as much as peppa pig

    Message from Ellie - love you loads Harvey, missing you - dee dee n pushed me out the bed n I fell on my head n made a Big Bang he he he

    Big hugs n Harvey xxxxxxx

  2. Can I come and share you bed I mean xxxxxx

  3. You're having a tough time aren't you Harvey but stay strong and get well. We're all thinking of you x
    Cheryl x
    (Aunty Deedee's friend)

  4. what an insprirational little boy .....keep fighting little man ...miracles do happen xxxx

  5. Thats my boy harvey your a star. keep fighting, you can beat this. youve put a huge smile on your nannies face now. I know you got a bit more to do but youll do it. Love you loads.

  6. Keep strong Harvey, I know you are strong enough to fight your way through this, you've got a lot of people who love you and are there for you xxx

  7. your certainly going through it little man. must admit this update has got to me! Sounds like you have the nurses right where you want them but listen here Mr... stop upsetting your mummy and start to get better soon (good boy for giving her a cuddle) im sure you'll start to get more energy soon and feel better shortly. xxx hugs and kisses, all round xx