Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another Canula Gone..

So after my Canula bothering me a bit towards end of the day, mummy pops out of my room and I get myself a little to ravelled up in my wires and out came my Canula! Oops.. Them things are a little too fragile for a boy like me!! Just waiting on the night doctor now to come do another one. Mummy's told them though, they can try twice and that's it. Been feeling better today, managed a bit of playing, smiles and even chuckles. Got a bit sleepy around 6, mummy said I've done too much today and that's why! (I laughed at her). There's very slight improvements in my blood results again today, something seems to be working. I've finished 3 of my 6 antibiotics so let's hope things carry on to go in the right direction.

Finding it funny after mummy called me a monkey for get wrapped up in my wires and pulling my Canula out..


  1. glad to hear he's feeling a bit better. by the sounds of it he's giving mummy a run around :o)

  2. Hope you keep on improving Harvey, be brave little soldier. Lots of love xx