Monday, 7 January 2013

Out Of Theatre And Recovering

Harvey's mummy here again, Harvey's a big groggy and uncomfortable from theatre to update you all. He came out of theatre at 6 and back to the ward for 6.30. He's now in bed resting. The removal of the line went well, he's now got a temporary line in his arm for a few days to see him through until he goes to theatre for a new broviac. Despite his chest being bad he managed the anaesthetic and is back on the ward rather than HDU as this was a possibility. He's needing a bit of oxygen and his breathing is a bit noisy but all in all he has done very well and I am extremely proud of him. I'm sure after a good nights sleep he will be doing better in morning.


  1. Good boy harvey xx Your such a brave brave boy... n fancy the doctors only putting one line in hey, ones not enough for you is it - silly doctors!
    get well soon - dee dee loves you very much xx
    message from ellie - get well soon harvey miss you millions xx
    message from taylor - hi harvey xx

  2. Get well soon little man! You're so brave! Show them docs what you're made of! Lots of love from Sasha xxx

  3. Not just harvey going through all of this but his mum,sisters,nannie,grandads & aunty vix (dee dee)love to you all.x

  4. thanks shellie (anonymous lol) ^^^^^^

  5. Hi Harvey & family its good to see how your doing, your nannie told me to read your blog & I must say its very touching. Keep fighting Harvey your a very loved little boy xxx. I can't believe your 6 already, where does the time go!!
    You have a very loveing family around you & 2 beautiful sister who i see playing outside my house a lot.
    Keep smiling Harvey, I'll keep an eye on your blog
    Take care xx

  6. Hi Harvey my brave boy. Nannie is so happy you are out of theatre and doing ok. I am so proud of you cos you are soooo brave. Get plenty of rest. I love you loads and will see you very soon. loads of love and hugs to you and mummy. Love from nannie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sleep tight.x

  7. lots of love brave boy ,so pleased your op went and hugs xxx

  8. Harvey you are so so so brave!!!!!!