Monday, 7 January 2013

Consent Form Signed..

A bit late updating today as its been quite a busy morning.. I was still fast asleep at 9.30 but was woken to find 6 people stood over me. It was the surgeons. They have made the decision that it is in my best interest for my line to come out because of the infection and that I'm still not quite right. Mummy's signed the consent, we've seen the anaesthetist, started the check list so now just waiting. They said it'll be around dinner time or just after. My line will be removed and the are going to canulate me as much as they can to give a good amount of access. I will be put on dextrose to maintain my sugar levels and will have to keep a real close eye on the levels, my sugar levels plummet really quickly. After 48 hours I will be going back down to theatre to have a new line put in.

In myself I'm quite sleepy this morning and chest is a bit noisy which is making me breathless. I've given quite a few smiles and I'm enjoying teasing my auntie dee dee with her car key!! Playing the waiting game now. Will update after theatre..


  1. Hope your op goes well little man keep strong.
    Love Cheryl x
    (Aunty Deedee's friend)

  2. Hi my big brave boy. As usual your nannie is going off her head with worry, but thats the norn for me. I know mummy gets annoyed with me for worrying about you but its my job besides what kind of nannie eould it make me if i did't worry. I know you will be ok cos you are a fighter and always come through smiling. I love you with all my heart and will be thinking about you. Loads of love and hugs to you and your mummy. Nannie.xxxx

  3. Hope ur operation goes well little man n hope u don't pull ur canula's out again! big hugs from us all especially carter bones! xxxx

  4. catherine hancox7 January 2013 at 15:35

    hi there hope everything goes ok thinking of u allX

  5. Hope everything goes well harvey. Keep fighting. Thinking of you and ur mummy. Kate Kernan (Turton) (an old friend of your mums) xxxxx

  6. Hi Harvey, so glad to know that you are back on the ward. Hope you are back to teasing the nurses very soon. Lots of Love from Auntie Pam, Marie and Tom xxxx