Saturday, 19 January 2013

Boys Night . .

I had to do a overnight sleep trace on Thursday night to see how my oxygen levels are through the night. Mummy wasn't happy. That night I stayed in air all night but then last night I had to be in oxygen all night. We've told the doctors each night is different but because of the results from the study they aren't going to put home oxygen in at home now. It's ok though because my Michelle is going to sort it all out for me she's got a soft spot for me you see.
My blood results from Friday weren't as good as others, some of my levels had dropped, others had raised. The doctors aren't quite sure what's going on and have done further bloods to investigate it. I've also been having blood come out of my stomach into my bag, again they don't know why. Mummy said on Monday she is going to discuss everything with my team of doctors.
I finish my antibiotic tomorrow, mummy can't wait! It's made me be nasty at times, a bit like how steroids made me but not as bad! My other antibiotic got stopped yesterday too so we'll just have to wait and see how things go.
Got my daddy Leigh here with me. He's come to spend the time with me until tomorrow. Since he got here I've done nothing but bully him. He tried to sleep for a bit but I wouldn't let him. Like I'd let him sleep, just cos he's not slept since yesterday doesn't mean he can sleep whilst with me. He came in his big hat that mummy doesn't like, I like it though. I've been wearing it whilst in my bed. Mummy's gone home for the night to spend time with my auntie and sisters. Thank god, she was doing my head in! She best bring me something nice back though!! ;).
Best get to bed now, getting a bit late. Night night

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