Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Few More Tests And Lots More Waiting . .

Another restless night. Woke up at midnight and had to have more sleeping medicine to help me settle back to sleep. My oxygen requirements went up last night but have come down this morning. This morning I've not been too happy, not quite sure what I want. Mummy has settled me in my bed now though so I'm playing with my money and bank card. The Gastro team have been to see me, they want to do an impedance test to be certain as to whether I'm bringing things back up and aspirating, they are also going to contact haematology and see if I need to be on medication to help with my neutrophil count being low which puts me at risk of infection, they are going to contact Birmingham to see what the plan is with them with regards to transplantation, and they are also going to give me some medicine to coat my stomach to try stop the bleeding.
Teacher has just come to see me so best stop writing and playing with my coins and do some school work.
Respiratory came whilst I was doing school work. Didn't really know what to say/do so now I have to do another sleep test but a more detailed one. They don't know why I'm needing oxygen because when they did scopes my lungs looked good. Oxygen is one of the things that holds me back from getting out and about. It's very frustrating. There is a waiting list for the sleep test so I could be waiting 2-3weeks unless they get a cancellation which they said happens regularly sometimes and because I'm here it'll be day to come set the equipment up to do it last minute.

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  1. Hi Harvey, sounds like your right fed up. I would be too. Fancy having to do school work, I don't know. Lifes just not fair. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. My mum used to say to me, "sleep tight hope the bugs don't bite. If they bite squeeze them tight and they won't come back tomorrow night. See if it works.
    Take care, love Adele xx