Monday, 14 January 2013

Naughty Boy . .

Mummy said I'm naughty and that I've got to behave! I've spiked a temperature, got patchy changes on my chest, oxygen requirement has gone up and I've had to have my line cultured because I'm showing signs of infection somewhere. I'm back on antibiotics too. Tomorrow I've got to start on some more medication to treat this influenza that's been picked up on my chest secretions. Still waiting on other results from the tests, they can take up to 2 weeks. It's bed time now, time for my sleeps meds. Hopefully I'll get a quick minute with Becky though before I have to go sleep :)


  1. Naughty Harvey - what are you doing...!!!!!
    Just when we thought you were getting better again :o\
    C'mon Harv sort it out we want you home xxx
    See you real soon xxx

  2. O Harvey. ive finished work and read your lastest news. What are you doing to your poor nannie. come on harvey. Time to stop messing now. I want you home with your sisters. Stop all this flirting and start fighting these infections. We all want our harvey back now.xxxxxx Make nannie and grandad happy and start getting better. Love you loads.

  3. hope your feeling better this morning and have had a good night , lots of love yvonne xx