Thursday, 3 January 2013

Feeling Rubbish And Very Tired

I have gained yet more weight, that's a kilo now in 4 days!! The doctors came to see me and are happy that my temperature has settled down but my blood results are bad and they are very concerned. I have to go for an echo on my heart today to make sure there's nothing there that we are missing. My central line is also at risk to, a few doctors are going to have a chat and see if this line needs to come out now. They don't like to mess too much because my veins are bad and the struggled to get this one in in the first place. My blood results also showed that a few things had dropped and are very low so I am at high risk of contracting more infections. I have had my bloods taken again this morning, fingers crossed the results are better and things are turning the corner.
I'm still getting really tired and breathing quite fast, I also needed more oxygen again last night. My belly is bigger today than yesterday, the fluid is pooling there because my bowel is being very unkind to me. It's poisoning my body and causing infections everywhere. The main priority is to get control of the sepsis and then once we have done that we can make a plan as to how we can try prevent things getting this bad again. I'm looking pale today and very puffy in my face especially around my eyes. I've managed a few smiles this morning and a little bit of playing but now I'm feeling tired. Im going to have a little rest before I have to go for my scan. Let's hope for a bit of good news today from my tests...

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  1. hi Harvey. Nannie is thinking about you and I'm so proud of you my.brave little soldier. Love you and your mummy loads.x