Sunday, 6 January 2013

Looking a little better today

Sorry I'm a bit late with the update today I decided to have a lie in and didn't wake up until 9 o'clock!! I'm feeling a little better today after I had 14 hours sleep and I'm hoping my blood has continued to improve. There is still no news as to when I'm having my line taken out it will probably be Monday now when all the doctors and surgeons are back at work. My cannula is still in because Becky did such a good job at wrapping me up so I haven't had chance to rip it out yet. I would also like to thank everyone who has viewed and shared my page. I can't believe I have so many views !! I already have 7,062 views as I write this coming from the uk where I am to as far as America, Australia, and India.


  1. Glad your feeling a bit better harvey. Keep fighting. Stay strong wee man xxx

  2. Hey Harv you lazy little monkey - 14 hours sleep :o I had 7 thanks to your little sister Taylor xx glad your looking bit better and have STILL got that cheeky little smile xx
    Big hugs little man - see you in the week
    Love auntie Dee Dee xxxxxxxxxx

    Vikki Marshall xx

  3. I was reading your blog last night and was amazed by you and your family! I even got roped into skydiving! Eek! But if it helps the hospital in cari g for you and other sick kids I will! Wish you and your mummy well and hope things start getting better soon!!

  4. Hi Harvey great blog you have here I send you all my love and kisses.xxxxxx
    Love your big sis Ellie . Xxx

  5. feel well soon harvey. amazing to see how many people have viewed and had chance to see you cheeky smile ;o) xx

  6. Wow harvey your stronger than spiderman and batman. Brave boy sending hugs xxxx