Saturday, 5 January 2013

Broken Line.. Update

After long discussions the surgeons and medics have decided that taking my line out is for the best. If it wasnt for the infection they would have just repaired it but because the infection is serious its best to remove it. Initially it was said I'd go to theatre tonight, instead I have been canulated so I can have my pain relief and antibiotics and it'll be tomorrow or monday that I go when their's more staff around. I'm high risk for anesthetic because of my medical background and more so now because I'm unwell and have the infection in my chest too.   


  1. Keep fighting little man......coz you're the bravest person I know x x x 2nd bravest - your mummy x x x

  2. Harvey and his family are an inspiration to us all. keep strong Harvey and keep fighting. Thinking of you all x

  3. Hugs Harv xxxxx Dee Dee loves you xxx

  4. Hello Harvey I'm Cheryl and I work at the sweetie factory with your Aunty Dee Dee. She keeps us all up to date on how you are getting on and we all think you are an amazing and very brave little boy. Keep fighting Harvey we are all thinking of you x
    Cheryl x