Friday, 29 March 2013

Past Two Days . .

Yesterday we tried time off my TPN again, after just 30 mins my blood sugar had dropped so I had to have a glucose bolus and put back on to my TPN. The issue with my sugars could either be an infection brewing or a deterioration in my liver. Until I decide to show which one it is its a waiting game. My consultant said that over Easter I am going to stay on my TPN all the time and then we'll discuss things again next week. I'm still on oxygen until I can behave myself. I'm looking pale today and keep getting upset at times too. Dee Dee, daddy and the girls came down to see us. They had made cakes for the nurses, especially phil. He loves the cakes he gets made. Had a bit of time with daddy whilst the girls went shopping. I also went in the snoozalin with Gill but whilst in there my TPN disconnected and my line started bleeding back so I had to come back to my bed to get sorted out. Everybody decided to have a sleep over last night so we had a pizza party in my room. It was good fun.

Mummy stayed in a hotel with Dee Dee and my sisters last night, they came back this morning to me. Had the, all in my bed with me!! This afternoon we went I to town on the bus, I liked the bus. I wasn't happy with the shopping part but I enjoyed sitting in costa coffee. We got some free cakes for the nurses too :). I like to treat my ladies. After costa we went back up to the town centre, I went on the dodgems. Ellie and Taylor went in one car with Ellie driving and me and daddy went in another. I loved it! It was so much fun and laughed the whole time. When it had finished we headed back to catch the bus because it was getting colder outside. We got my ball pool out when we got back to my bed. My sisters had fun playing in it with me for a while. They've had to go home now, they didn't want to go and got upset. Dee Dee said that if the girls are good then they'll be coming again tomorrow. I'm getting a bit sleepy now so I'm going to have a lie down with my quilt and watch the panto on cbeebies.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you have had a mix of ups and downs today Harvey. But the photos say you had loads of fun on the dodgems.Take care little man. x x