Wednesday, 20 March 2013

M.D.T Meeting . .

I slept quite well last night, woke early but in a good mood. Past few days mummy said I've been difficult and very demanding, I hadn't been sleeping well. This morning after being weighed I played with mummy's purse for a while and my wooden jigsaws. My teacher turned up earlier today so we could do some school work before the meeting. I enjoyed posting the balls through the tunnel. Daddy turned up not long after my teacher did, straight away I robbed him of his car key and found it fun to post that down the tunnel too! Michelle (my home nurse) came in to see me before my meeting too. That was a nice surprise. I haven't seen her for a while. It was nice to see her, somebody new to frisk anyway!! She couldn't believe how much I've grown since last time. I love my Michelle. The first time we met I showed her my love by hitting her on the head with my toy brush!! Good job she saw the funny side of it and that I wasn't being nasty. She knows me well anyway and loves the cheeky side haha.
Finally got my hair cut today and boy am I glad!! There's only so much of mummy straightening it that I can take!! Daddy tried gelling it too at weekend and that didn't go well either! I sat well whilst my lovely barber cut it. She's really nice when she cuts my hair. She lets me play with the combs and clippers too. It was good fun. Since getting my hair cut I've been very noisy and cheeky mummy said. It's because it's a weight lifted off my head! Did you see how long my hair was?! On the way back to Sheffield we stopped off at costa coffee. That's my sisters favourite place. I ended up spilling half a cup of coffee over my legs though so we had to leave. I'm ok though, I'm not burnt or anything. It was nice getting out for a bit. Been shouting at everybody since I got back. They've all been laughing at how loud I've been.

The MDT meeting today was to tie any loose strings in getting me home. Pretty much everything is in place. Mummy has to carry a few letters around with her incase anything happens whilst we're out. She's also going to have a checklist to follow as to when I need seeing by a doctor. Another letter is for doctors so they know what to do if I take ill and to tell them I need medical treatment straight away. I have to have blood tests and see my consultant every week until they know things are going ok and I'm stable at home. After that Michelle will do my bloods weekly at home. Michelle is going to look into a new bed for me too, one with high sides and padded. I also need to get another pump now to run my glucose. All other things are sorted and in place. My medical status is stable so as long as I remain that way nothing will hold things up.
I best get some sleep now, it's getting late. Night all x


  1. You look really cute with your new hair cut Harvey. So nice to hear you have been out and about with Mummy. Bet sheloves t whenyou go to Costa s for coffee. Sounds like you ll be home soon!!! Bet you can t wait. Take care little man. Big hug! Janex x x

  2. Great hair cut Harv! Lovely to see you all today, love Michelle. Xx