Saturday, 9 March 2013

Chilled Day . .

So today has been a quiet day. Slept well and woke at 7. I watched a bit of tv and played with my Lego when I woke up whilst mummy spend hours getting ready!! Once I had been weighed and changed me and mummy watched cbeebies for a little while before putting Charlie and the chocolate factory on. It's my favourite film at the minute. A bit later in the morning we watched happy feet but not all of it because I started getting bored! Auntie Rachel and Alison turned up to see me at dinner time. I emptied their handbag contents all over my bed! It didn't matter to me that I had mixed up all their money, bank cards, make up and whatever else was in there because I had a great time doing it! They had to leave at 2 because they needed to get to Dee Dee to help sort things out for the fundraiser tonight. I went in the snoozalin with Gill for an hour this afternoon, I was into everything and didn't stop. Think I tired Gill out anyway! Not long after I got back from the snoozalin daddy turned up, what a nice surprise that was. Straight away I was into his pocket finding his car key (it's my favourite). We went out for an hour or so because mummy needed to get some things from the shop and then once we had done daddy had to go because he needed to get up to the fundraiser.
Daddy, Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor are coming to see us tomorrow which me and mummy are looking forward to. It'll be a lovely day whatever we do.

Fixed on watching Charlie and the chocolate factory..

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