Monday, 4 March 2013

A Night At HOME . .

Yes that's right, Saturday night I had a night at home!! After mummy rushing around getting all my stuff together, daddy picked us up and we made it home at dinner time where Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor-Mae were waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get out the car and into the living room on the floor. I'd only just got through the door and already putting my demands in for the tv to be put on and Dee Dees pockets emptied!! They should of had these things ready and waiting for me, you'd think they know by now!!! Haha. We had a few hours at home whilst mummy was getting organised with all my equipment and everything else, which at that point she had realised she didn't have any 50ml syringes for my IV's. oops. We was planning on going to Trafford centre so on the way we stopped off at the local hospital to see if they'd give us any instead of having to head back to sheffield for them. Luckily the sister who was in A&E was lovely and happy to help. We continued on with our journey to Trafford centre. I like it there. We walked round for a bit before going for a bite to eat. Afterwards mummy and Dee Dee took my sisters into build a bear and I went for a walk with daddy. Mummy took me and treated me to some new Lego. Couldn't wait to open it!! It was getting late and time to leave so we loaded the car up and set off. Mummy then realised she had forgotten the charger for my pump!! She wasn't best pleased. Daddy went to get it when we got home whilst mummy and Dee Dee sorted us out. It turned out to be a late night for me, I didn't manage to settle until half past 11, mummy had to get in bed with me. I slept until 7 though then it was none stop again with medicines and sorting everybody out. After my 12 o'clock medicines, daddy took me out in the car for a while because I was unsettled and upset. We went out for dinner with Dee Dee, Cheryl and Amber which was lovely. Went for another drive after that because was unsettled again. Had to set off back to hospital at 5 so when I got back from the drive I had a little play for a bit and then got changed into my onsie before heading back. When I got back to my bed I fell to sleep not long after and that was me for the night. Sleep reasonably well and didn't need oxygen for the first night in a week.
It was nice being at home, just a bit strange. Hopefully it'll get easier soon.

Since waking up this morning I've not wanted to play. I had my stoma bag changed as soon as I woke up because it was leaking but then wanted my quilt again and went to sleep for an hour. Since then mummy's tried getting me to play and folded my quilt up but I just want to lay down with my quilt. Usually, this is the start of something. Hopefully though this is not the case. See how things go today. Doctors are on the ward so see what they have to say. I'm also meant to be having an iron transfusion today because my HB is still hovering but also my iron count is out so best way is an iron transfusion rather than blood! Blood transfusions are obviously from other people and because of the problems I am having the blood won't last, it'll just mask the problem and that's because it's from somebody else. I will update later on the transfusion. It lasts for an hour but is a risky procedure and can have problems! I will try my best to be good though...


  1. Was good to see you at home with your family over the weekend x x

  2. Hi Harvey, my computer has been broken so not been able to keep up to date with your activities. Glad you had a good weekend with all the family. Sounds like you was pretty busy no wonder you slept well saturday night. I should be able to read your journal again. Night love Adele xx

  3. Sounds like you had a fab but very busy weekend hope all goes well with your iron transfusion you sure are a special little man one of a kind like you say look forwad to reading more about your progress take care best wishes love mandy buckley xx