Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Weekend Snowed In . .

So, due to the strange weather we have been snowed in all weekend!! It's been ok though, it's just been me and my mummy. Yesterday we watched Richie Rich, I liked it. I also went in the snoozalin room for an hour and then just played and had cuddles. My consultant was working this weekend and came to see me yesterday, he said I'm looking good and also liked my hair cut!! He happy with the way things are at the minute. My time off TPN has been going ok too. Maybe they'll increase it to 4 hours tomorrow. I was really happy and laughing at everything yesterday. Was being cheeky at bed time and tried pushing my luck but tiredness took over and I fell to sleep!
Today has been pretty much the same. Didn't start as well this morning though. I got woke up so I was a bit grumpy for the first few hours. Once I had been weighed and changed mummy set things up on the floor and put my bed down so I could get out and play for a while. I also spend an hour on the iPad! The home button is my favourite!! Mummy got me back in my bed at 1 because it was time for my meds, I wasn't too pleased about that. Once I'd had them though Fiona came for me to go in the snoozalin with Sarah too. I had fun in there playing with toy eggs. I started getting tired so climbed to Fiona to bring me back to bed. Since then me and mummy have been playing with Lego and the toy eggs. I also had a route through mummy's purse for a while. Now I'm sat watching tv and playing with my Lego in between. Mummy's been looking at ball pools for me at home. She said they're expensive though. Because I'm nearly 7 we have been looking at the soft sensory ones. There's some really good ones! I think we should turn the living room into a sensory room but obviously we'd have to keep the tv!!
Sorry it's short but I'm a bit tired and want to have a lie down. Speak soon.

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