Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mummy's Day . .

The day started withering mummy have a lie in. She didnt wake up until 7.15 but I didn't get up until 8.45. Mummy was moaning she had bigger bags under her eyes than usual!! There's just no pleasing some!! Haha. Once we had both got sorted and dressed we had some morning cuddles. Dee Dee, daddy and my sisters turned up at dinner time to spend the afternoon with us. Once I had finished my afternoon medicines we got ready and in my chair to go out. I couldn't wait to go out! We went down to the centertainment centre, it was really busy. The plan was to go bowling first but when we got in there it was really busy and a 2 hour wait to play so we booked the lane and went to get something to eat whilst we waited. After trying a few different places first without success because everywhere was busy we ended up at pizza express! It was ok, I had fun playing with my new Lego Dee Dee and mummy had just bought me from tesco's when they went to get Dee Dee some pain killers. She's a Mard, she's not as tough as me!! Haha. After eating we still had half an hour spare so we went into the bowling alley and played in the arcades for a little but. Taylor enjoyed the 2p machines and Ellie and daddy played on a racing car game. Dee Dee and mummy tried their luck at winning a teddy but were rubbish at it! And I went on a car racing too which I enjoyed and couldn't wait to sit in the seat.
So it was bowling time, Taylor was really excited. We all had such a good time. I enjoyed pushing the ball down the ramp, I knocked all the pins down quite a few times. The green ball was my favourite. We didnt finish the second game because Taylor was getting tired and I was getting fed up so we left and headed back. Daddy, Dee Dee and the girls couldn't stay because it was getting late so we all said our goodbyes. We all really enjoyed the day. Whilst mummy was sorting all my medicines out I was in bed playing with my new Lego, I love it! It's now time to get my pyjamas in and get ready for bed. Night night to you all and I hope all you lovely mummies had a lovely Mother's Day. I know my mummy did xxx


  1. Glad you had a good day,it looked like a a lot of fun x

  2. Hi Harvey, my computer has been playing up so can't keep up with you every day. Nice to hear you had a nice day yesterday. It must have been great bowling and driving the car. Looks like you had loads of fun with all your family. I was feeling a little hungover from saturday night. I had a good time too. I sang some songs but I'm not very good. Ellie sang loads, she was pretty good. Going to bed now as pretty tired myself. Love Adele xx