Sunday, 31 March 2013

James Toseland . .

I met James Toseland today. Every Easter 400 motorbikes ride up past the hospital and then park up in the park for us all to go and look at. James Toseland leads them all. Afterwards James and Katie Melua come around each ward of the hospital handing out Easter eggs to us. He remembered me from last year. He commented on how ill I was back then and how much better I look now. He also said I've grown a lot too. I liked his motorbike gear, I liked the feel of it, it is made from kangaroo skin. He is such a lovely guy and its nice how he remembered me to. He had lots if time for us all, took his time speaking to us and spending time with everybody. Ellie and Taylor liked meeting him and got a photo and autograph from him. Xx

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  1. Wow,Harvey,that looks like u had a fun day x Brenda