Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dee Dee's Birthday Weekend . .

Time off TPN has been going ok, my sugars have been low at times but not low enough to have to take further action. Mummy said she has a few questions she needs to ask but hopefully we will continue to have time off to help my liver. Since trying dioralyte earlier in the week it's really upset things, I've been in discomfort and agitated at times too. I'm due to start my next course of decontamination so hopefully that will help things.

Well, it has been Dee Dee's birthday weekend and what a bust time we've had. On Saturday daddy, dee dee, Ellie and Taylor came. I helped dee dee open her birthday presents. We went to meadowhall to do a bit of shopping before I was due to have time off my TPN. I have to have regular blood sugars whilst I'm off so its best to be in my room during the 2 hours. After my time off had finished and I had had all my IV's we went out for a curry, April and Evie came too. It was fun, I enjoyed going up the waitress's dress and feeling her tights!! After we finished daddy took April and Evie home whilst the rest if us came back and sorted things out for bed. Daddy stayed with me for a sleepover and mummy, dee dee, Ellie and Taylor went to stay in a hotel. I had fun with daddy, I didn't want to go to sleep but eventually I gave in, so did daddy!!

Today I didn't wake up until around 8, after being weighed and dressed I had a play with my Lego, daddy's car key and watched tv whilst we waited for the women!! When they arrived mummy got my IV's ready whilst dee dee and daddy got me sorted in my chair to go out. First we went to Weatherspoons for some breakfast. There I kept going in a daze and looked unhappy so mummy checked my sugars but it was ok. Dee Dee needed to go get some new socks so we called at tesco. We didn't want her having smelly feet!! Eventually Dee Dee and my sisters finished shopping and we could set off to where daddy was taking us for a day out. We went to magna science museum. It was freezing inside. I wasn't sure about it for the first hour. My sisters really like it though and loved trying all the different things out. We went in an air room, saw a 'Big Bang Theory' demonstration whilst on the way to the fire room. From the fire room we went into the water room, well that was my favourite. I love water!! I had already pulled my shoes off so when mummy stopped near some water bucket I put my feet straight in, it was so much fun. I wanted to climb in but wasn't allowed. We got really wet in that room so we went into the bathroom to dry off a bit under the dryers. After that we headed to the earth room, I liked playing in the sand for a little while but then I got fed up. There wasn't really anything for me to do in that room. We were all cold and had been there for a few hours so we decided it was time to leave and get some tea. We went to Pizza Hut. That's my sisters favourite. The weekend went really quick, before we knew it it was time to get back because daddy, dee dee, Ellie and Taylor had to set off home.

Once they had gone mummy got my pyjamas on and sorted my bags out. Whilst mummy did my IV's I played with a few different bits and watched a bit of tv. I was getting tired, it's been a very busy weekend for me. It's been really nice spending time with my family, it's nice having them all together. Hope you had a lovely birthday weekend Dee Dee xxxx


  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend with your family. That is a good photo of you with mummy and daddy with the light behind you all Brenda x

    1. Hi Harvey, you little monkey with the waitress. Starting early, ha ha. Glad you all had a great weekend and had so much fun. Love the photo's of you all. Just catching up as helping Andrew decorating tonight. I'm supervising and pasting paper. Have a good night. Love Adele xx

  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend with your family. That is a good photo of you with mummy and daddy with the light behind you all Brenda x

  3. it is good to hear a "day in the life "of such a lovely child thank you for sharing all the photos too love and kisses to you and your family xxxx