Saturday, 9 February 2013

Out Again Today But With A Few Problems . .

Been out for the afternoon again today. Auntie Dee Dee came to help mummy get all my bits sorted to get me out. I don't travel light these days you know!
The car journey wasn't too bad although I keep having absences where I stare into nothing and don't respond for a few seconds to anything or anybody. When we got to Dee Dees house I played with my Lego for a little while, and routed through the kitchen cupboards. Auntie Mandy came over to visit which was nice. She was playing with me in the cupboards. Daddy Leigh came over too, I was playing with bank cards and Dee Dees car key with him. Leigh and Ellie went to pick a few bits up from the shop so whilst we waited for them I washed up with Dee Dee.. Well she washed the pots.. I washed her bank card, put a plastic bowl on her head and then climbed into the sink!! It was great fun. After that we did some baking. Phil (nurse) likes our cupcakes so we made some for him and the rest of the night staff. Uncle Simon came back from golfing not long after, I was on the floor playing with jars of spices so he joined in along with Taylor. Had such a good time playing with those. Was nice to see Mandy and Simon, I don't get to see them very often. It was time to head back, it was getting late so mummy and Dee Dee loaded the car up before saying our goodbyes and strapping me in to go.
Whilst out today, my blood sugars were playing up. They dropped quite low about an hour after arriving at Dee Dee's so mummy had to phone Clair (my nurse today) to let her know what was happening. Because it was low I had to have my sugars done every half an hour to make sure it didn't drop any lower. Luckily it came back up though so I was able to stay out a little longer. Usually my sugars run ok whilst I'm on my TPN but the past few days it has been quite a bit lower, we don't know why. It's another thing that will need to be discussed with my team on Monday mummy said. For a while things were ok but not for long, my temperature went up! We was already getting sorted to head back at that point though so didn't need to leave any earlier. When I got back I had to have a few blood tests done because of my temperature, blood sugar and these absences and also get checked by a doctor. Mummy also noticed that I am covered in bruises down my legs and on my feet so I've had my clotting checked too! My clotting was low on Thursday and now I'm covered in all these bruises which is what happens. It's ok though, it'll probably just be a bit if vitamin k I need. I had blood taken from line so whilst it was being accessed enough blood was taken to do a full MOT of the usual things as well.
Mummy has told the doctors that she isn't happy taking me out again until things are better. She thinks its too much for me and with all these problems that happened today it's obvious I'm not coping with it well. She's hoping my consultant may come see us on Monday so all issues can be talked about and maybe have a backup plan in place in case things like this keep happening.


  1. Hope my bank card still works u monkey - at was climbing in the sink a hint to mummy that u wanted a bath or did u just want to wet me even more lol :)
    It was a great day Harv n me n the girls will be back early in the morning x

  2. Thats good you got to visit home again. You just wanted to torment Auntie Dee Dee didn't you? I bet it was nice to see your family again so soon. Lets hope your team can get the things sorted out that mummy is worried about. Did you see any snow on your travels? Take care, Adele xx