Monday, 4 February 2013

Catch Up With A Mention Of Home . .

Hi everybody, thought I'd better drop a line because I didn't get round to it yesterday. Weekend was a quiet and stable one. I managed to behave myself for a whole weekend without doing anything naughty or any of the nurses or doctors breaking me!! Saturday as you know I had a few visitors which was lovely and i got 2 new pairs of pyjamas off Auntie Dee Dee, then Leigh stayed with me for the night. Sunday I had a bath and then spent the rest of the day playing with Charlotte (play specialist), Salina and Will (nurses). Mummy came back at tea time, we had lots of cuddles and played with the new Lego that my sisters bought for me. We did FaceTime with the Marshall household which was nice but Taylor got upset again.
My sleeping still isn't good, it's taking me a long time to be able to fall asleep and even then I'm not fully settling then waking early hours needing more medication to settle me back off. In myself I'm doing really good. My face isn't looking as puffy and my energy is coming back. Doctors seemed pretty pleased with me this morning. My bupa nurse phoned today and is coming in this week to get things sorted with mummy for home. Doctors said I'm as good as I'm going to get so they want to try get me home pretty soon. The bone marrow they took for testing came back today, it's all CLEAR yay! That means I don't have a problem with my bone marrow and there's no malignant cells.
Been quite busy this morning, Ive had my dressing changed, stoma bag changed, was out of bed playing with my new Lego and money. Salina let me play with her I.D card for a bit and an hour later came in with my very own badge with my name on. I haven't put it down since. I've been in the snoozalin room with Sarah and Gill and of course my I.D card had to come too. I'm now sat in my bed watch mr blooms nursery with my Lego, I.D card and mummy. Feeling a bit tired so not playing at the minute.
Things seem to be going the right way for me at the minute and I'm getting back to my usual self. I'm laughing playing and vocalising more now. Mummy said I look really well and I'm doing great.

A few photos from yesterday and some from today playing with my new badge . .

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  1. well chuffed you look so much better, i think the pictures are great, keep it up little man all my love to you and mummy xx yvonne xx