Monday, 25 February 2013

Another Eventful Weekend . .

Mummy went home for a few hours to see my sisters so I had, in turn, a few different ladies in my room sitting with me until mummy got back. Taylor ended up in hospital Wednesday because she was really ill and they were concerned about her so wanted to keep an eye on her. Luckily she started to improve Thursday so they let her home. She's feeling much better now.
I still haven't been quite myself recently, wasn't happy at all and was getting angry and hitting. I had the dentist come to see me Thursday, I have wobbly teeth!! My new teeth have already started to come through so at least I won't have big gaps when they fall out.

Woke up but again wasn't quite right, my face was puffy and I just wanted mummy all the time. Spent most of the morning having cuddles. Mummy then had to leave me to go pick my sisters up so I had Fiona, Clair and Lauren sit with me in turn. When they all got back I had more cuddles with mummy before Dee Dee got here. Not long after Daddy turned up too. We went and did a bit of late night shopping at Meadowhall to get some presents for mummy's birthday. It was a bit of a late night for me, I didn't get to sleep until gone 9! It was fun though.
I needed oxygen all day Saturday because I have gone a bit chesty. My breathing was a bit faster and harder so I have just needed a little oxygen just to keep me settled.

Didn't wake up too good again today, was a bit upset and just wanted mummy with me. Today hasn't been my best day of the weekend, at times I have been unsettled and very upset. Still been in the small amount of oxygen to help keep me settled. This morning we put my bed down so I could get out and have a play for a few hours. Daddy, Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor turned up just before dinner. It's mummy's birthday tomorrow so we were celebrating it today. Mummy opened her presents and cards with my sisters. We had planned to go out for a meal late afternoon so before that I had a splash in the bath. What fun I had in there! the best part was soaking Dee Dee's socks! I love my baths. Once I was dressed it was time to go, we met daddy, Gaz and Holly there. I had a good time out, I robbed mummy's purse of all her cards, had Dee Dees, Daddy's and Gaz's car keys and then decided something was missing so had a route through Gaz's pocket and pulled out his bank card too! Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor had made mummy a cake so after our meal the Tgi staff brought out her cake and sang their traditional song. It was time to head back because I needed my medicines and new TPN bag. I had a play in my bed for a while whilst my IV's were getting sorted and watched a bit of dancing on ice too! It turned out to be another late night for me. It takes it out of me even just going out for a few hours, I get really tired. Hopefully that might improve in time though, if not though at least I'll get to lay down and have snuggles.

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