Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Catch Up Of Past Few Days . .

Hi all, sorry its been a few days. Nothing has really changed with me. I'm still in a cubicle because i'm neutropenic, my haemoglobin is up and down all the time, my albumin levels (what prevents puffiness) are lower than should be but stable. My weight is up but that's the excessive amount of fluid I have!! My pain is up at the minute but we can only try manage it with the usual pain relief which isn't quite hitting it completely. Been quieter than usual and laying down a lot, hopefully its just a little blip and nothing more. The past couple of days I haven't been out anywhere, yesterday I had dizzy Lizzy sit with me for the day which was fun. She's a crazy one!! Today I've been down to the snoozalin room with dizzy Lizzy and Jodie, I had a great time in there emptying every box I could find. I've also played with Clair for a little bit and Becky popped her head round for a quick kiss and cuddle. This afternoon I was out my bed playing for a little while with my Lego and getting really tanged up in my bags and wires! Now I'm just sat in my bed watching tv with my Lego.
Got a new set of wheels yesterday, my old ones were broken! Can't wait to sit in it and test it out. Mummy had to go back to our house yesterday to swap the old wheels for the new so whilst she was there she did some cleaning and threw out old bits of feeding supplies I no longer need at present to make room for the x amount of supplies we'll be receiving. We've been told that we'll be surprised as to how much will be needed!! Floor to ceiling of boxes!! Mummy said she's going to get some storage draws to make it easier to access and store away properly. We've also got to allow room for another fridge for my TPN as it has to be stored alone, then there's things like dressings, giving set, syringes, sharps bin, needles, gauze, spare pump, saline fluids, glucose.. The list goes on!!! I had my scales delivered last week because I have to be weighed daily, just waiting for some weighing scales to weigh my urine output and losses. I'm on a strict fluid balance so everything that goes in and comes out has to be recorded hourly. Mummy will be doing all this at home for me. I'll be coming back to the hospital twice a week for appointments and blood tests and I also have to pick my IV medications weekly.
Dee Dees had a banner made to advertise the fundraiser night, I'm famous!! Sounds like the event could be a success and lots of people have donated raffle prizes which is amazing. Thanks everybody. It's not long until the event, it'll be a good night hope your all looking forward to it those that are attending.

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