Monday, 18 February 2013

Fun Weekend For Papas Birthday . .

Despite not being 100% myself I have had a very busy and fun weekend and yes, I finally got to go out in my new wheels! Saturday morning I had snuggles with mummy whilst waiting for my visitors to arrive. Daddy got here first followed by Dee Dee and Ellie. Taylor couldn't come see me because she was very poorly. Love you Taylor xx.
Saturday afternoon it was just me and daddy for a few hours whilst the women went shopping for presents. After a bit of pump training with Clare I was able to go out for fresh air just us boys. We told mummy we were going for a walk in the park.. Well technically we did, we walked through the park to get to the pub! Haha. After a drink and bag of crisps we headed back to meet the women from the car who were none of the wiser.. Dee Dee got me a massive balloon from Meadowhall, i love it! Went for a ride in the car after that because mummy wanted to go see how Taylor was, I couldn't go see her because of my immunity so I went for a drive with daddy to go see big Kev. Haven't seen him in a while. Then it was just me and mummy again so after getting sorted back in my room we had and watched tv for a hour before bed.
Sunday was just as busy. It was daddy's birthday. Had morning cuddles with mummy before the clang arrived. Despite it being daddy birthday I enjoyed opening all of the presents and the wrappers to his chocolate!! It was great fun. At one point I had his new shoes, 4 cans of gin and tonic, deodorant, chocolate, socks, mummy and dee dee all in my bed!! Whilst they all went for a drink in the canteen I went down to the snoozalin room with Sarah and Gill where I made a birthday card for daddy. I had so much fun in there. Then it was time for TGI's! I love that place. I can't eat the food but loved played with the salt and pepper pots. They all came to sing to daddy, couldn't make my mind up about that. Sat and stared at them for a few seconds, and then with daddy's help joined in with the clapping to the song. When I got back to my bed it took me a while to decide what to watch on tv so was messing with that for a while. I was shattered and fell asleep at 7!
Had another bad nights sleep, worse than the night before. We're not sure what's causing me to be so restless and jumpy so I'm having a one of blood test to check my steroid levels. There's been no real changes with anything really, just continue as we are and wait to see if anything starts to show (infection) with the way I've been over the past week. I'm still neutropenic, and my HB, platelets and white cell count is still up and down, again we don't know why. Doctors are hoping that in time things will improve but we'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Hi Harvey, glad you had such a nice weekend. The weather has been lovely too just a bit cold. Isn't it nice to see the sunshine and blue sky. Even the birds was singing, they must be happy too. Sounds like you had lots of fun. When is it your birthday? If that is what you get up to on your daddy's birthday goodness knows what will happen on yours. Hope you sleep better tonight. Love to you and mummy, Adele xx