Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fun With Visitors . .

Still not sleeping well despite my medicine being increased. The weight I lost yesterday went back on today but that's usually the case recently. There's been no changes today, doctors wouldn't make changes on a weekend anyway unless its absolutely necessary. My bloods yesterday had dropped again, they really don't know what's going on. The results from my bone marrow still haven't come back so it'll be Monday now. Been out my bed playing again, didn't get back in until 3 ish. I've Had a few visitors, Nannie, Dee Dee and my sisters came first followed by Auntie Rachel. I completely emptied Nannie and Auntie Rachel's handbags which was fun, kept me busy for a few hours anyway. Charlotte (play specialist) came to play with my for a hour earlier until Leigh got here. Mummy's gone home for the night to spend some time with my sisters.

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  1. Hi harvey. had a brill day with you it was lovely to see you looking so well. cant find some of the things out of my purse since you emptied it you little monkey but i dont care cos it was worth it seeing you so well. hope your enjoying your boys night. Mummy is ok although she is missing you. Weve had a take away and now shes in Dee Dee's bedroom chilling out with Dee Dee and your sisters. Im watching tv with your grandad and auntie Ratchel. Me and Rachel are havinga bottle or two of wine. Love you loads. Nannie.xxxxxxxxxxx