Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Possibly Starting To Show What's Been Brewing . .

For about a week now things haven't been quite right. At times I'd get really upset or agitated. My oxygen requirements have also gone up especially over night. We've been trying the days without oxygen but by tea time I'd be breathing faster and my heart rate would be up so had to be put back in a small amount of oxygen to settle things down. The past 2 days despite being on oxygen my breathing rate has still be raised though. Over the days I've been weak and struggled to pull myself up to sitting position from laying down, I've needed help most of the time to do it. My nights have been restless and I have been really clammy. The blood results from Monday were pretty much the same as the previous week, the neutrophil levels are still low and don't seem to be improving like expected. My HB has dropped again which explains my paleness and possibly being weak. My weight is all over the place, I gained 350 grams in fluid yesterday. Until I decide to show whatever's going on properly its difficult for doctors to treat me for anything even though they know something is going on. Up to now all I have wanted to do is lie down with my quilt and play with mummy's cards out her purse. The doctor said we're just to wait and see how things go.
My friend Archie is back in and I can't even see him. I've not seen him since December. Mummy said he's looking good though.

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