Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today Is The Day . .

The day has come that we start to use my home TPN pump. I've had this pump since October but because the nurses weren't trained to use these pumps we had to wait before we can use it, and now we can. I have a bodyguard 2channel infusion pump which allows me to have my TPN and my replacement fluids through one very small pump. The battery life is 16 hours off charge which gives me more freedom because the ones I'm using now only have 1hour off charge and I have to carry 2 pumps which are quite big and bulky. Once the backpack for my new pump arrives, getting out and about will be quicker and easier because the pump and fluid bags will be secured into the backpack.. They'll be no stopping me then!!
Had visitors last night. Daddy, Gaz and Holly came to see me and boy did I have fun.. Between them I ended up with a bed full of pocket and handbag contents. I had that much stuff in my bed I couldn't decide what to play with or kept loosing what I wanted at times. It was really nice to see them, haven't met Holly before but she was lovely.. And I got to frisk her! Hehe. Gaz and Holly bought me a puffer fish teddy from Nemo (a few nurses have eyed it up), a Cars puzzle and some Cars cards. The puzzle was Gaz's way of buttering me up so I went easy on him for not visiting me, but it was the bank card, car key and phone that let him off! Haha. They all stayed for a few hours, but had to leave because it was getting late. Wasn't happy when they left but they said they'll come again soon so I'll look forward to that =)
Bloods yesterday were just the same really, few numbers have dropped and others remained the same so basically I'm still neutropenic and my HB is still up and down. There's no changes being made, just got to carry on and hope that in time things will improve. Yesterday I spend some time in the snoozalin with Lizzy and Gill, hopefully I'll get chance to go in there today, I like my time in there with my ladies. I slept better last night, think it was all the excitement from having visitors. I needed oxygen at the beginning of the night but early hours this morning I decided wearing my nasal canula's on top of my nose was so much cooler and the oxygen blasting my eyelids felt better! So I remained in air for the rest of my sleep. We haven't got any plans for today so I'm going to get mummy to see if there's any good films on we could watch later.

A picture of my new pump that does the same job as the two blue ones I carry with my now..

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