Friday, 15 February 2013

Unsettled And Upset . .

So the past couple of days haven't been my best. I've been very unsettled and have cried quite a lot. Yesterday I fell to sleep twice which isn't like me at all unless I'm unwell! Mummy thinks I'm brewing something because of how I've been. Today I've been more unsettled than yesterday, fell to sleep again as well. I had a restless nights sleep, just tossing and turning hopefully tonight will be better. I've been going down to the snoozlin room everyday, yesterday with Sarah and Fiona, today with dizzy Lizzy. I had a bath this afternoon which was fun, stayed in an hour playing with the shower head and came out all shrivelled up!!
There's nothing new happening from the doctors side of things. Plan is to carry on over the weekend and if I spike a temperature I have to have my line cultured and start on antibiotics as usual. My blood pressure was really low last night, don't know why but do we ever know why I do these things?!
Got my sisters coming this weekend, oh and daddy Leigh and Dee Dee. Another busy weekend for me. I might actually get to try out my new wheels..
I'm just having a bit of a chill out in my bed watching tv and having a cuddle with Mickey in between playing with my Lego..

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  1. Hi Harvey, sorry you are not yourself at the moment. We had a fun day yesterday at Swizzels. We was on the television on Daybreak ITV. Auntie Dee Dee was on telly too. We all met David from Emmerdale(Matthew Wolfenden). He was quite dishy, looked a bit like David Beckham. There was lots of balloons and decorations in the canteen. It looked really nice. Hope you have a good sleep tonight and have a nice weekend with your family. Love to you and mummy, Adele xx