Monday, 11 February 2013

A Weekend With My Family . .

Weekend has been lovely. Spent the whole weekend with my family. Saturday was baking with my sisters and yesterday Auntie Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor came to the hospital for a little while. They was coming for the day but because of the weather mummy didn't want them to get stuck so we all headed back and went out for a Sunday roast, daddy Leigh met us there too. It was a lovely afternoon. Leigh brought me and mummy back, we went Castleton way which was covered in snow! Dee Dees car is rubbish in the snow and almost got us stuck!
Seen the doctors this morning, no new changes or nothing really being done, just carry on as we are. Had my bloods taken so just waiting on results of those. Teacher came to see me but I wasn't really up to much and didn't want to play so she rubbed my back for a while an then left me to watch tv. I've got my wooden shapes out at the minute and also watching jake and the Netherlands pirates.
Mummy got a phone call earlier, got my new wheels coming tomorrow!! Can't wait to sit in it. My chair has been broken for a while now so it'll be nice to sit in a chair that doesn't rock me backwards and forwards. Mummy said she just needs to sort out getting the rain cover and cosy toes now and it'll be sorted. The backpack for my home pump should hopefully be coming on Thursday which will then allow us to start using the bodyguard pump which is a lot smaller than what we cart around with us now. It'll allow me to be a lot more mobile and get out and about easier. Everything's being sorted to get all home supplies in place, it jus takes a bit of time. Soon though I'll be able to spend nights at home. Mummy has been pricing up new beds for me too. She said they're really expensive but the one I have at home just won't be suitable with me getting bigger now. Ideally we need an electric one with high sides so I can't escape and also that is padded. Mummy's seen one that's just what I need and showed me the picture. I don't know why because I wasn't really interested!! Any way, going to see what films are on now.

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  1. Hello Harvey,
    Was lovely to see you in the Fallow Dear with all your family x
    Hope to see you out and about again soon x