Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Day Out In A While . .

We didn't get to go out yesterday as planned because of the snow so instead I played for a bit and went in the snoozalin for an hour, wasn't really up to much yesterday though. Mummy put my bed down for me to play out of my bed but I just wanted to lie down or have snuggles. Been quieter and looking a bit paler the past 2 days. I went back into oxygen Monday night too. Yesterday it was decided by my respiratory consultant that I'll be having oxygen at home. We met with Julie (home oxygen nurse) yesterday who discussed a few things with mummy about it all. They are coming to put the oxygen in at home tomorrow. Yesterday all things that would be needed at home for me was discussed and because I need so much medical equipment at home there's issues with who will fund it and where we will need to get things from. There's also a possibility that a couple of the machines may need to be bought. Hopefully Friday we might have a few answers about things.
Managed to get out today. Had to escape off the ward quickly because I'm still at risk but that wasn't a problem! Went to see my Nannie and Taylor for while before everybody else got back. I stayed with Nannie for a bit whilst mummy and Taylor went to pick Ellie up from school, mummy told her that my pump wouldn't alarm but it did!! She said it was saying downstream collision, it was actually downstream occlusion! Bless her, she's a bit daft like that!!
Dee Dee came back from work and I had a few cuddles with her and then nicked her car key and was playing with that for a while before daddy Leigh turned up. I didn't get to see grandad today though, he had to work late.
My sugars were running a bit low whilst I was at Nannie's, we had to wait a bit to see if they'd come up because mummy didn't want to risk travelling back in case something happened. In the end we had to because it was getting late. I'm ok though, got in my bed and sat playing with a few bits of Lego and my hospital card. My Becky came in to see me when she came on shift, had a quick cuddle and kiss. I've got Rachel tonight, she played Lego with me for a bit and a chat with me before going getting a bit of work done.
Well I'm going to get some sleep now because I'm am shattered. Night night x


  1. It was a nice surprise to see you Harv when I got home and loved our cuddles xx see you again real soon x going crack on n do lots of fundraising to get you everything u need to get you home where u belong xx
    Love dee dee xxxxx

  2. Harvey,am so glad you got out for a while

  3. hi harvey glad u got out:) Hope u are doing ok today??? Chloe is not far away from u at the moment,she is in s1:( She says she wanted to be on m2 so she could see you:):)
    Take care love catherine and chloex

  4. Hi Harvey and Lian, it was really nice to see you both and what a suprise. I was just in the right place at the right time to see you before everyone else. Hope you had a good visit, sounds like it. Hopefully there will be many more soon. Hope you have had a good day today. Take care and god bless, Adele xxx