Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Things Are No Different And We Are None Of The Wiser . .

Again, I apologise its been a while since an update but to honest things are still no different. We still are none of the wiser as to what the plan is and pain is still a big issue! Weekend was difficult, Friday was a restless night, finally falling to sleep around 6am and didn't wake until 12.30 but once awake the pain kicked in again and it was difficult to manage once it was bad. Saturday night I had no sleep at all and didn't make up for it in the day either on Sunday. Pain was really bad and I didn't settle at all. There was no pain nurse around and the on call anaesthetist didn't know me so didn't really feel happy to do anything different with pain relief. 
Yesterday we was told my surgeon was coming to see me. We waited.. It got to 12.45 and then we was told he wasn't coming and that he wanted to speak to the gastroenterologist before he came to discuss things with mummy. Hopefully he'll come today. We've been told that the doctors have looked at all the ultra sound scans and on the most recent one they got a really clear view of my Gall Bladder and it is very abnormal. It's enlarged, inflamed and has thick jelly in it. It also had infection which I am on 2 antibiotics for at the minute. They said its been like that for quite some time now (since December) but back then they thought it was just infection. I got really poorly back then, can you remember? I also ended up having to have my line out because infection had spread to my line and also into my blood, twice. Once I had a new line put in, it fell out so had to have another. Mummy is worried that a similar thing could happen again if infection starts spreading. Up to now though, I have responded to the antibiotics and my infection markers have come down. 
Until the surgeon comes there's not much more I can tell you about it all. I will update once we know what's going on. 

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  1. Hi Harvey,sorry not been in touch but have been very busy. Its the first time I've been on the computer for a week. I am sorry to hear things haven't improved what a bummer. Hang in there. I had the flu, just about back to normal now. I've been planting some pond plants tonight. We have redone our fish pond so hope to get a few tiddlers at weekend. I mean koi carp. It is lovely watching them grow and their colours are lovely when they get a bit bigger. They all died over the winter months it was very upsetting because we couldn't do anything to help them. I've missed them. Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow. Love to you and mummy, Adele xx