Monday, 13 May 2013

Sleepy Day . .

After a restless nights sleep I didn't wake until 11.15 this morning. I managed to stay awake long enough to get weighed and changed but that was it, was back to sleep at 1 for just over an hour. Once I woke I played with a couple if my Lego pieces and my new blocks Ellie bought me for my birthday but that's been it really. Been laying down a lot and grinding my teeth too. My losses have reduced quite a bit today and my urine output isn't as good as usual. Prof came to see me today, putting some plans in place for a staggered discharge. It was also the meeting today with radiologists, surgeons and gastro amongst others. My case was being put forward, feedback from the meeting hasn't been discussed yet so we don't know the plans yet. Mummy went down to view a bed for me today, a company brought one and set it up to show her. She said it was great and just what she had in mind for me. She has to view 2 more on Thursday and then make a decision as to which one is best for me and then the request for it can be made. It'll take about 3 months for the whole process before I get my bed. 
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I'll see more if the day. 

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