Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Making The Most Of The Sunshine . .

Well I haven't let pain stop me from enjoying the sun! Daddy, Ellie and Taylor came up yesterday afternoon so we decided to go for a walk. We went to wetherspoons and sat outside in the sun for a drink and some dinner before heading over to the park for an ice cream and a crawl about on the grass. I love being outside. Crawled over to a group of girls who were sat near us, unlucky for one of them though because i have a thing about glasses and hats, people can't wear them! Swiped her glasses from in top of her head! Oops. She was ok about it though and laughed it off. We didn't have long in the park because Ellie and Taylor had to get back home. For the rest of the day I played with mummy, my Lego and listened to music before my medicines were due and time to wind down for bed. 

Slept well again last night, woke a bit earlier this morning but was happy enough. My urine output has been better past 2 days which is good. We seem to be a bit more on top of my pain today so it's been a bit of a better day. Had my occasional blips but overall it was good. Went to spend the day with nannie and Taylor today. Well it was only a few hours with Taylor before she had to go to nursery but it was still nice. We met them in New Mills because mummy wanted to get my hair cut. I enjoy seeing billy barber, she s really good with me. Taylor loved her little doggy Lola that was in there today. She was very cute though. From there we nipped to the card shop then back to nannies because I needed my midday medicines and Taylor needed dinner before school. I had a play outside on the blanket with some blocks and stones whilst I had my medicines. It was time to drop Taylor off at nursery, she was excited to go and couldn't wait. We carried on through to Buxton afterwards for a look around. We headed to one of my favourite places, costa coffee! I cant drink their drinks but I like going there. We didn't have much time left because Ellie needed picking up from school so we had another look around next before setting off back. We just dropped nannie off at home, we didn't go in. She needed to get changed for work and go pick Ellie up so we headed back. I was in a cheeky mood when we got back, I was laughing and smiling at everything mummy did. We had a laugh, it was fun. I find it funny and tell mummy no when she tells me I'm beautiful and will be 7 in 2 sleeps!! 

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