Thursday, 2 May 2013

More Pain Relief . .

The pain consultant came to see me yesterday and has put me on some more pain relief only problem is, it takes around 3 weeks to feel effects from it. It's also going into my jejunostomy tube which goes into my bowel so how much of it i'll absorb is anybody's guess. I had an ultra sound scan yesterday, they wanted this doing before the more in depth scan of my gall bladder was requested. The MRCP scan is expensive so they wanted to make sure it was necessary to do. The ultra sound showed that my gall bladder is full of thick sludge, the radiologist was also looking for gall stones which he couldn't see but he said because of the thick sludge it could make it difficult to see them. He also said that the sludge could be what is causing me pain and that he was going to discuss things with the surgeons. Today is the Gastro teams big MDT weekly meeting where they discuss their patients and decide plans of action for them. My scan and a few other things were going to get mentioned so we are now just waiting for them to come and see me with plans. It was said that my jejunostomy could be what is causing me pain too because the losses are acid and shouldn't be so it could need re-siting. This was also going to be discussed today. Lets hope they have some plans for me and what we can do about things.

I didn't sleep well last night, I was very restless again. I woke up at about half 6 but by 8 I was back to sleep for an hour. I'm very quiet today and quite spaced out. Not really up to much. I look very flushed too but my temperature is ok so it could be pain related. Daddy came to spend the day with me yesterday, we went for a walk around meadow hall but didn't stay there long. We then went over to TGI Fridays which is my favourite place.

Doctors have just come, there is nothing happening as of yet. Got to wait for another meeting which is 2 weeks away before we have an actual plan.

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  1. Hi Harvey, poor you. Bet you're really fed up. I'm full of cold so feeling a bit sorry for myself which I shouldn't. Typical bank holiday weather, it has just rained in Furness Vale. Bet you will have plenty of visitors this weekend. Hope you feeling more yourself today. Have a nice weekend, love Adele xx