Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Tough Weekend . .

Thursday after the doctors had been mummy took me out to get some fresh air. We went on a bus to meet up with April and Evie for the afternoon. It took me all of about 5 minutes to trash her front room with toys everywhere!! After a little play we went for a walk around the park, the weather was lovely and quite warm. We was going to go sit in the beer garden for a bit but Archie was due back from school and we didn't have time so instead we went to a cafe which was closer. The afternoon went so fast, before we knew it we were heading back on the bus. We got off a we stops earlier to have a walk around boots in Broomhill and from there walked back. It was a lovely afternoon with nice weather.
Thursday night was another restless one with not much sleep. I woke up early hours and had to have some more sleeping medicine to help me settle back off.

Friday we had a day in. I did some school work in the morning but wasn't really feeling up to much. Later in the day the occupational therapist came to see me, they are starting to introduce the hoist now because I'm getting big. At fist I didn't like it, it was scary and upset me. I soon came round though and couldn't wait to get strapped into it and be lifted. Mummy said I did very well and she was really proud of me. Mummy put my bed down to the floor after the occupational therapist had gone so I could have a play on the floor with my bricks. Didn't stay out of bed long because the pain was making me agitated so I was getting in a big tangle with my lines and bags. Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor surprised us at tea time with a visit. I like having visitors. They didn't stay too late because the girls needed to get back to get sorted for bed.
Pain was still an issue for me Friday although it was only at times and not so much continuous.
Sleep wasn't Good Friday night either, very restless again.

Yesterday after mummy had sorted me out in the morning we headed back to meet Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor. We went to the Trafford centre for the afternoon to do some birthday shopping for me. I'm not sure what I got but not long until I find out. Can't wait to rip all the wrapping paper up Thursday morning!! We got back late on Saturday.
I was in oxygen all of yesterday because my breathing was faster than usual. I wasn't happy with having it on and kept ripping it off my face. Pain was a big issue, was crying most of the day and if I wasn't I was agitated and restless. I was making distressed noises instead of my usual happy ones. When I got back I had all of my pain relief but didn't settle for bed until 10, I just couldn't wind down. Eventually when I did though I was very settled and had the best nights sleep in a while not waking up until 10am.

Today has been a quiet day. Pain has been up but I've been a bit happier in myself. I had to have my bloods done today because my urine output was very poor yesterday. They are wanting to check my albumin levels because I hold fluid in the wrong places which makes it difficult to shift, if my albumin is out of range then the fluid sits in my tissues which causes the puffiness. they didnt want to pump mire fluid into me to make things worse so until my blood results are back mummy has ti hold off doing my replacement fluids. I put on 550g of fluid overnight and woke with a very puffy face. The excess fluid is causing me to gulp air again, this happens when I have too much on board and I can't seem to cope with it. Despite this the day has been a bit better, I've not been upset and have managed more smiles and even laughs today. I went in the snoozalin for a little while earlier whilst mummy nipped out. When she got back she ran me a bath so I had a good splash in there. Baths are my favourite. Well any water is! Been playing with my favourite bits of Lego since I got out the bath and watching cbeebies.
Got my daddy, Ellie and Taylor coming to see me tomorrow. Mummy said if the weather is nice we will be going out for a walk somewhere so that should be nice. Hopefully I'll have another good nights sleep today and the pain will have settled a bit tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Harvey, what weekend by the sounds of it. I haven't even been to the trafford centre yet, how bad is that. Sounds like you enjoyed it. Only one sleep until you can have your suprises. Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, hope you have a realy good day. Don't forget to make a wish though. Love to everyone, Adele xx