Thursday, 9 May 2013

Birthday Boy . .

As most of you know, today is my birthday. I have had a lovely quiet day opening presents and just being fussed over. I got lots of presents and cards. Thank you to those if you who wished me happy birthday and for cards and presents, it's very lovely of you. Ive had clothes, shoes, Lego, balloons, puzzles, money and other things too. 
I've not been myself past few days, been laying down a lot and even falling to sleep in the day! Those who know me know that this means something isn't right, me being me though, I'm not showing what it is just yet! Today has been no different, I've laid down a lot with my duvet and also fell to sleep for an hour late afternoon. Mummy's hoping its just a blip and nothing will come of it, time will tell. Saw doctor this morning, no changes, just waiting for this meeting on Monday to see if a decision/plan has been made with regards to my gall bladder. 
Saturday I've got Dee Dee, Ellie, Taylor and Nannie coming to see me for the day and to bring more presents. Looking forward to seeing them all. Tomorrow we're going to have a lazy day and rest ready for the weekend. Sunday we have a table booked at TGI Fridays, Gaz and Holly are coming too. Looking forward to that, I like going there. Hopefully Gaz will fill his pockets with plenty of things for me to pick pocket! 

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  1. Hey my gorgeous man sorry I missed your birthday but will make up for it when next at work. You look like you have been spoilt again and enjoyed every minute of it . Back next week so hugs and kisses expected miss u my little man and your mummy. See you soon love Vicks xx