Sunday, 12 May 2013

Perfect End To My Birthday Celebrations . .

My birthday this year has been great and I have been spoilt rotten. Thank you to everybody for my birthday messages, cards, presents and money. I've not fully been myself for my birthday but I've not let that get in my way of enjoying it. We went to meadow hall Saturday to exchange some of my birthday clothes for bigger sizes. It was so busy! We did a bit of shopping and had a drink in costa. I was getting a bit upset so whilst the girls had a few more things to do, daddy took me for a drive and then a walk in the park. We met all the girls back in my room where we cut my birthday cake Dee Dee had bought me. It was a bright yellow Lego one with a Lego man and some Lego pieces on, it looked really good. My m2 family arranged a party tea for us in my room, we all enjoyed that. It was time for Dee Dee, Daddy, Nannie, Ellie and Taylor to go. Once they had gone, I had my meds and TPN bag change and not long after settled off to sleep. 

I slept quite well last night, woke early again though and couldn't settle back to sleep. Mummy and myself had a lazy morning before getting ready to go back home way to meet up with everybody for TGI Fridays. We left just after dinner to pick Dee Dee, Ellie and Taylor up. We met Daddy, Gaz and Holly wasn't that busy today so it was nice. After everybody had finished their meals the staff at TGI's came over and sang to me, I was too busy raiding mummy's purse! Time went so quickly and before we knew it we had to set off back. It was lovely seeing Gaz and Holly again. 
Been playing with a few of my favourite Lego pieces and watching kindergarten cop. 
Tomorrow is the day we find out either a plan or a discharge date if doctors are doing no more with me. Also we have a rep coming to show us a bed. Another rep is coming Thursday. Hopefully soon we'll find the ideal bed and then I'll have a safe comfortable bed at home. 
I will update tomorrow with the outcome of the meeting discussing my fall bladder issues, scopes and scans. 

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