Thursday, 18 April 2013

More Tests To Come . .

My pain has still been an issue past few days, it's been decided now to try fentanyl patches. Prof is worried about the frequency I am needing diclofenac so hopefully now with fentanyl I won't need it as much. After the doctors regular Thursday meeting its been decided that I am going to have some scopes to look at my stomach and bowel. I've had a blood test today to check my acidity levels and I've also got to have a MR scan to have a better look at my gall bladder. My gall bladder isn't working properly and has thick sludge in it which is caused from me not feeding. There's also a risk of gall stones with me being on TPN. I have been hitting the right side of my belly which is where my gall bladder is so it could be that what is causing me all the pain although nothing is certain yet. The tests will tell us to what extent my gall bladder isn't working and then they will decide if I need to have it out.

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  1. Hi Harvey, Toby here from ward M3 and Saxilby I was on TPN for number of years and ended up with Gall Stones had this and my spleen out via key hole surgery with the lovely surgeon Mr Sean Marvin at Sheffield you might know him too ! Hope you don't have to have op but if you do you are in safe hands and wasn't too painful I went out the next day as mummy says I alway bounce ! Thank heavens x